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scrshotThe Heretic Fortress (THF) is a multiplayer mod for the action-fantasy game Heretic II. Focused on teamplay, THF features 4 mission types, a unique leveling system, 9 player classes, 17 different player models, over 40 different weapons and spells, and about 100 maps.

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The Comprehensive THF Guide (2019)

video of THF gameplay (uploaded by diVe): 1 | 2

The last version of THF was released in 2004. Given the major advances in gaming since Heretic II's release in 1998, the THF crew tapped into a kind of gameplay that stands the test of time.

If you would like to play Heretic II and THF, inquire at the Raven-games.com group.  A number of other Heretic II mods and single-player games from over the years are available, too.  Just ask!


Tree (2012)

An arena with a giant tree in the middle.

Fairbury (2009, 2010)

Warehouse-themed, plus a nice outer townscape. Converted from my Ogle game.

Battle for Katlit'k Crest (2009)

A small map for the good ol' days' sake.  Made it in a few hours.  Perfect for 2 on 2.

The Parthoris Keep (2009)

Features a double-spiral staircase.

Ottomon Fortress (2006)

The males must guide the king from a small rowboat outside the fort to an elevated structure in the center, by either releasing a drawbridge or jumping on the roof.

Pitfalls and Ledges (2005)

Originally intended for Siege (a different H2 mod), this "Hold the Fortress" map has odd gameplay.

Mystic Tree Temple at Dusk (2004)

A small "Hold the Fortress" map.  Good for 2 on 2.

Whirlpool (2003, 2012)
Features a windmill, a waterwheel and a whirlpool.
Pyramids of the King (2000)

Arguably my best THF map.  Suitable for both small and large player gatherings.

The Underground (2000)

An early "Hold the Fortress" map.

Jungle Bases (2000)

Don't fall in the water!
While this wasn't actually my first THF map, it's the first that made it into the early official releases of the mod.  Based off a single player map I made.