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5 Jan 19

I updated the THF guide with an appendix of all the THF maps, which is both archival and for anyone who might pick up the game. Turns out the total over nearly two decades came to 103 maps (89 if not counting duplicates across mission types). About 80% of those were created in THF's heyday, prior to the 2004 final release of the mod. 95% were made by 2009 (for instance, Heretic Hides' maps came later). Only a handful or so appeared in the last ten years, created by myself and Daidem -- maybe a couple others did, too... not 100% sure...

Other than converting Ablation's classic "Suicide" DM map to GEX in the next couple months, which I will add to the THF zip file, I believe this is it for me as far as creating H2 resources goes. My first map releases were in 1999 (see below: Feb 2011), my Ogle single-player game came halfway between then and now -- and well, it's been a joyful 20 years! I will patiently await the day Heretic II stumbles into a renaissance. =)

3 Sep 18

The bots that came with THF are not as smart as they could be. Here are THF bots with max accuracy, named after the Greek gods. See the included readme.

17 Aug 18

A comprehensive guide for THF has been created.

17 Jul 18

New THF map:  gex-country. A converted Quake 2 map to unzip into your THF folder.

14 Jun 17

THF 2017 Tournament Results

2 Apr 15

Site cleanup.

5 Jan 14

Montage of THF classes (click to download this set; practically every class has a unique sound pack! Note: If you download the THF mod from this site, this set is the default):

click to enlarge

17 Aug 13

New THF map:  gex-dome.  A "Get excalibur" version of Jax's old Andorian Dome map.

12 Dec 12

New THF maps:  gex-tree and htf-tree.  An arena with a giant tree in the middle.

9 Mar 12

New THF map:  gex-whirlpool.  A "Get excalibur" version of my old Whirlpool map.

4 May 11

New THF map:  gex-chasm.  A "Get excalibur" version of Browndog's old Chasm map.

14 Feb 11

Found an old CD with a 5-map single player campaign that I made back in 1999 (when I was a 15-year-old)!  Played through it tonight and decided it's fun/interesting enough to release.

9 Jan 11

Artas1984 has put together a YouTube walkthrough for Ogle: The Return of Morcalavin.  Thanks Artas for all your hard work!

13 Nov 10

New THF map:  gex-sigma.  A "Get excalibur" version of Jax's old Sigma map.


26 Apr 10

New THF map:  gex-fairbury.  A "Get excalibur" version of Fairbury.

26 Nov 09

New THF map:  pka-fairbury.  Converted map from my Ogle game.

16 Oct 09

New THF map:  gex-crest.  Made it in a few hours for the good ol' days' sake.

7 Mar 09

On a few sites (namely, Russian and Italian ones) where my Ogle game has been taken up, I see complaints of a lack of health/mana.  Other (English-speaking) folks have made a similar complaint about the difficulty level.  I've updated the game to allow normal mode.  For those who already have the game, I'd suggest deleting your "Oglequest" folder and redownloading.

16 Jan 09

Releasing a THF map for the new year:  htf-spiral.  I used textures and designs from my Ogle game, so it only took a few days to build.  A screenshot is on the Heretic Fortress page.

17 Dec 08

A walkthrough for Ogle: The Return of Morcalavin has been written.

9 Oct 08

Ogle: The Return of Morcalavin Version 1.0 released.

2 Oct 08

Ogle: The Return of Morcalavin story and gameplay/design pages updated.  We're getting close, people!

11 Sep 08

Okay, I know I just set a release date, and I'm aiming for it, but yesterday I craigslisted the need for a male voice-actor for an elf in Fairbury.  I got a quick response from a guy named Rick.  Now I have an awesome voice-over for the elf.  This gives me extra motivation to make the project as best it can be.  I'll still try to be timely about the release and cut the necessary corners to get this game out by the end of next month (at the latest).

21 Aug 08

So, I've set a release date for Ogle: The Return of Morcalavin 10 October 2008.  Will the project be exactly where I want it to be by then?  Probably not.  But you'll still have a decent game with nostalgic voice-acting, unique environments and the phoenix bow!

Recently, I've been overhauling the game to make it only playable on "difficult" mode.  This helps the player truly feel like a lowly Ogle, whereby a single monster can kill you fairly easily.  The AI is also better on difficult.  The assassins are more fluid and the palace guards have an extra spell.

In terms of screenshots, I'll post them a week or so before the release.  I'm wanting to put all the time I can into finishing the project itself.

7 Jun 08

Lep's map begins with the Ogle in a jail cell, so he thought it suitable for all the Ogle's weapons to be taken away.  This required T-Mod's trigger_takeall entity, so I gave Talon a buzz.  Talon not only gave the project trigger_takeall, but also thought we could use the snow and rain environmental effects.  "Sure!" I said.  They're pretty cool effects, and will be used in Vendia, the seraph ruins of the north.

pic by Talon - click to enlarge

3 Apr 08

Ogle: The Return of Morcalavin is nearing the 2/3 mark.

Leprauchaun and I have been hashing out details surrounding his map, which he plans to whip out once the vision for it is complete.  I start school again in the fall, so this summer will be the last season for the project.  Expect a Sept/Oct 2008 release, just in time for Heretic II's 10-year anniversary.  The gameplay page will be loaded with screenshots later this summer.

31 Jan 08

Site update.  The story page for Ogle: Return of Morcalavin is up.

19 Jan 08

Site update.  A Heretic Fortress page is now up.

4 Jan 08

I've changed the layout of this site several times, but this will likely be the last iteration.

This site is dedicated to my two main projects for the Heretic II community: the single-player add-on game Ogle: The Return of Morcalavin and my contributions to The Heretic Fortress, a multiplayer mod.

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