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Ogle: The Return of Morcalavin

the Heretic Fortress

a single-player add-on for Heretic II by Alan Michael Williams ("9LegYak")

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Ogle:  The Return of Morcalavin


- The makers and distributors of Heretic II.

- Heretic Hides for technical assistance, early testing, the Ogle player model, hydra and spider models, the grappling iron model, and a number of prefabs found on his site.  His website is very helpful in how to design an H2 SP add-on, in case you may want to someday (though Ogle is most likely the last of its kind).

- Leprechaun for the jail cell, skinning, storylining and testing.

- Talon for giving the Ogle daggers, for the rain and snow effects and for the grappling iron (coding). He is the creator of "T-Mod," an expansive library of multi-purpose add-ons for H2.

- Sarah Williams for voicing the High Priestess of K'chekrik.

- Rick Walters for voicing the Fairburian.

- Those whose textures and skies I may have used and/or altered whom I've not accredited here.

The characters Corvus, Morcalavin, Siernan and the High Priestess of K'chekrik are creations of Raven Software (1998).  The Ogle: Return of Morcalavin Heretic II add-on is distributed by amwilliams.com, a personal website of Alan Michael Williams.  I am not affiliated with Raven Software, Activision or ID Software in any way. The Ogle: Return of Morcalavin Heretic II add-on is provided free, "as is," without warranty of any kind.