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Ogle: The Return of Morcalavin

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Ogle:  The Return of Morcalavin

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- The makers and distributors of Heretic II.

- Heretic Hides for technical assistance, early testing, the Ogle player model, hydra and spider models, the grappling iron model, and a number of prefabs found on his site.  His website is very helpful in how to design an H2 SP add-on, in case you may want to someday (although Ogle is most likely the last of its kind).

- Leprechaun for the jail cell, skinning, storylining and testing.

- Talon for giving the Ogle daggers, for the rain and snow effects and for the grappling iron (coding). He is the creator of "T-Mod," an expansive library of multi-purpose add-ons for H2.

- Sarah Williams for voicing the High Priestess of K'chekrik.

- Rick Walters for voicing the Fairburian.

- Those whose textures and skies I may have used and/or altered whom I've not accredited here.

The characters Corvus, Morcalavin, Siernan and the High Priestess of K'chekrik are creations of Raven Software (1998).  The Ogle: Return of Morcalavin Heretic II add-on is distributed by amwilliams.com, a personal website of Alan Michael Williams.  I am not affiliated with Raven Software, Activision or ID Software in any way. The Ogle: Return of Morcalavin Heretic II add-on is provided free, "as is," without warranty of any kind.


The rotating cylinder in "Cliffs of X'chekrik" sometimes gets stuck, but if you move around the map, you'll retrigger it.  I've gone to great lengths to avoid this, but alas it's not perfect.

The "Ogle Vigilante" map pushes H2 to its limits, but nothing (that I know of) disappears and an overflow error only occasionally shows when the map first loads.  Sometimes the weapons' sounds turn into Ogles singing, which is REALLY bizarre and I can't begin to understand why that happens.  If that happens to you, the only cure is to finish the map.

***If the game crashes when you try to save a new config, you can simply press Esc without saving.  Alternatively, you can copy a config you made/make in normal Heretic II from Heretic II/base/config to Oglequest/config and then load it in the game (which should automatically save it as your default config). Either way, you must exit the game first before playing; if you don't, the Ogle player model will show up as Corvus and the in-game messages and sounds will be drawn from the original game when they shouldn't be!