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Ogle:  The Return of Morcalavin

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Ogle: The Return of Morcalavin, released in 2008, is set ten years after the original Heretic II, to correspond with its 1998 release. You play as an Ogle who must traverse the continent on a mysterious journey.  No one believes your intentions are good.  Many will stand in your way.

From the Journal of Oglar, the Ogle Leader:

Ten years have passed since Morcalavin's plague, and now Siernan, the healer of Andoria, speaks of the seraph's return! 

Has the aged Ssithra gone mad?  Morcalavin ascended to the heavens to join his ancient brethren -- cured by Corvus -- the Sidhe warrior.  Corvus saved us all, freed Parthoris from certain doom.

This I know to be true.  For with Morcalavin's ascension came a literal freedom for us Ogles.  Our immunity to the plague led to our enslavement by his evil minions.  Now, we live again peacefully within our mountainous realm.

Under Corvus's discretion, the Sidhe have disregarded Siernan's warning.  The T'chekrik are disinclined to involve themselves in external affairs, as usual.  Even the Ssithra ignore their treasured healer.

Yet, we Ogles cannot so easily shrug off the recent past!  However slim the chance of Siernan's prediction coming true, we must send our most valiant at his request.  If he is correct -- and the return of the plague is on the horizon -- then the peoples of Parthoris must do everything in their power to stop it.

Let us hope the Andorian has simply gone mad.



I wanted to make the story as epic as possible, but realized that I would have to limit myself or the game would never be released.

The next chapter of Parthoris unfolds:  a world of many peoples struggling to move forward now that they're alone.  That is, the seraphs are gone -- Morcalavin was the last -- yet, the seraphs were the ancestors, the gods that bound Parthoris together through common history and purpose.

The peoples of Parthoris are now at odds with each other.  The distribution of the Tomes of Power following Morcalavin's ascension makes things no easier.  Throw in an Ogle whose intentions only the aged Andorian healer, Siernan, is privy to, and soon you have threats of all out war.  Did I mention that Siernan and the Ogle are plagued by visions of Morcalavin?  Or that the T'chekrik Priestess has been keeping a mysterious device hidden from everyone?  Or that Corvus is caught in the middle of all this...?!


In the end, old alliances must come together to overcome the greatest threat of all:  the return of Morcalavin and his deadly plague.